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Dahua HAC-HDW1200CLQ-IL-A 2MP Eyeball CC Camera

৳ 2,250.00

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Key Features

  • Model: HAC-HDW1200CLQ-IL-A
  • Sensor: 2 MP CMOS
  • Resolution: 1920 (H) × 1080 (V)
  • IR Range: 20 Meter
  • Features: Built-in Mic
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Camera Feature
Image Sensor 2 MP CMOS
Effective Pixels 1920 (H) × 1080 (V)
IR Distance 20 Meter
Type Fixed-focal
Focal Length 3.6 mm
Aperture F2.0
Angle of View Pan: 0°–360°
Tilt: 0°–78°
Rotation: 0°–360°
Physical Specification
Dimension Φ97.1 mm × 93.8 mm (Φ3.82″ × 3.69″)
Weight 0.18 kg (0.40 lb)
Power 12 VDC ± 30%
Interface 1x RJ-45
Warranty 01-year Warranty


Dahua HAC-HDW1200CLQ-IL-A 2MP Eyeball CC Camera

The Dahua HAC-HDW1200CLQ-IL-A CC Camera provides crisp, reliable video surveillance for your security requirements. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the 2 MP CMOS image sensor can record high-definition photos and movies. Also, it has a progressive scanning mechanism that can provide clear, crisp images without any flicker or distortion. The camera can function effectively in low light with a minimum illumination of just 0.01 lux in color mode and 0.001 lux in black and white mode. It features an IR and warm light illuminator that can illuminate an area up to 20 meters away in the dark, ensuring that you can see clearly even at night. The Dahua HAC-HDW1200CLQ-IL-A CC Camera incorporates an automated illuminator on/off function that can alternate between warm light and IR modes in response to the intensity of outside light. With a high signal-to-noise ratio of more than 65 dB, the camera can decrease noise and interference in the video stream and offer steady and clear video quality. A wide-angle view of your surroundings is possible due to the camera’s fixed-focal lens. In accordance with your preferences and demands, it includes two focal length options: 2.8 mm and 3.6 mm, which can provide various fields of vision. The 2.8 mm lens can provide a 102 degree horizontal field of view, a 60 degree vertical field of vision, and a 129 degree diagonal field of view. The 3.6 mm lens can offer a 105 degree diagonal field of vision, a 48 degree vertical field of view, and 83 degree horizontal field of view. With a fixed aperture of F2.0, the lens can let in more light to the Dahua HAC-HDW1200CLQ-IL-A CC Camera, resulting in brighter photographs. The lens has a fixed iris control, which prevents it from changing the aperture size in response to the amount of light.


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