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K2RR No Touch Exit Button & Remote Combo

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Key Features

  • Special design, In combination with Remote combination
  • Luxury design, beautiful and durable
  • qualified for the industry test
  • The advanced door control project designates the supporting products


Key Features
Input Voltage DC12V±10%
Output connection (Back side) NO/NC/COM
Generel Information
Power 3A@36VDC Max
Use 500000 tested
Door Type Applicable Hollow Door
Product Parameter Parameter Description
Physical Information
Dimension 86Lx86Wx29H(mm)
Weight 0.2kg


K2RR No Touch Exit Button & Remote Combo

K2RR No Touch Exit Button & Remote Combo presents a cutting-edge solution that combines innovative technology with user convenience. Engineered to enhance access control systems, this product redefines the way we interact with exit mechanisms, offering a seamless and hygienic experience. At the core of this device is its key feature: the “No Touch” functionality. In an era where hygiene is paramount, the K2RR Exit Button eliminates the need for physical contact, promoting a cleaner environment and minimizing the potential spread of germs. With a simple wave of the hand in its proximity, the exit mechanism is triggered, revolutionizing the way people exit controlled spaces. The product boasts a versatile design compatible with hollow doors, making it suitable for a variety of settings including commercial establishments, medical facilities, and public buildings. The robust construction ensures durability, even with high usage, and its compact dimensions (86Lx86Wx29H mm) coupled with a weight of just 0.2 kg make it an unobtrusive addition to any exit point. Functioning at a DC12V±10% input voltage, the K2RR Exit Button showcases its adaptability by offering multiple output connections (NO/NC/COM) on the back side. This flexibility allows for integration with diverse access control systems. Moreover, the device’s tested use of up to 500,000 cycles underscores its reliability and endurance in real-world scenarios. When it comes to performance, the K2RR Exit Button handles power efficiently, with a maximum rating of 3A@36VDC. This capability ensures smooth operation and contributes to its extended lifespan. The device also stands as a testament to convenience, eliminating the need for physical contact while maintaining high levels of reliability.


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