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Visual Studio Professional 2022

৳ 65,500.00

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Key Features

  • Model: Studio Professional 2022
  • 64-Bit Ide
  • Advanced Suite of Tools
  • Built-In Integrations
  • Ai-Powered Code Completions


Processor ARM64 or x64 processor; Quad-core or better recommended
RAM Minimum of 4 GB of RAM. recommend 16 GB RAM for typical professional solutions.
Storage Minimum of 850 MB up to 210 GB of available space, depending on features installed; typical installations require 20-50 GB of free space.
Operating System Windows 11 minimum supported OS version or higher
Others 64-bit


Visual Studio Professional 2022

The Visual Studio Professional 2022 is a highly advanced and large development environment that is well-known among developers all across the world. Our cutting-edge 64-bit IDE enables you to manage massive projects and complicated workloads with ease. Visual Studio Professional 2022 Increase productivity, write flawless code, and redefine collaboration with an assortment of cutting-edge tools and flawlessly integrated features designed to tackle the most demanding development workflows and support the production of revolutionary, large-scale apps. The Visual Studio Professional 2022 has Ai-Powered Code Completions.


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